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Are you ready to live your big audacious dreams out loud?

(You, know – the ones you only whisper to yourself?)
Have you ever felt called to do something extraordinary?
Hey there, I’m Lori Granito and I know what that feels like. I also want you to know something:

I see you, because I was you.

You know that you have been called to DO and BE something more. To live an extraordinary, legendary, and meaningful life, around your own unique purpose, inspiring others along the way BUT you question whether you really have what it takes.

Maybe your dream is to do a TED talk or maybe it’s just to gain more confidence so you can start getting paid what you’re really worth in your business.

Either way, you desire to achieve BIG things with your life BUT you have a fear of being judged and are worried about what others will say about you and you just can’t seem to push past the self doubt and fears.

It doesn’t have to be this way.
But, it is a dream killer. You see, it’s not who you think you are that’s holding you back, it’s who you think you’re not.

There was a time when I had made a mess of my life. Things got so bad that I couldn’t even afford to buy diapers for my child. I’ve now made that mess my message, and in doing so, have become a Seven-Figure Business Builder, Success Coach, 2x Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, 4 time TEDx speaker, and a TEDx Speaker Coach.

Your dreams are right here, waiting for you to take hold of them. The catch? They’re on the other side of your fear.

If you are ready to stop hiding, stop playing small, not living up to ALL your potential, then get ready, because it’s your turn to shine! And I’m here to show you how so let’s get started.
Bragging Rights
Ifat Kafry Hindes
Founder, Project Wellness

“Working with Lori as a mentor and coach has been instrumental to my development as an entrepreneur. She helped me to sell my previous business and get the value I wanted, and championed me when I started my new Wellness Coaching business. She helped me gain the confidence to overcome my fear of public speaking (I’m still working on that!), and find my voice. The first event I spoke at resulted in 6 new clients! She encourages me to charge my worth and showed me how important the mindset pieces are to achieving my dreams. Her down to earth, no B.S., compassionate approach keeps me focused on my goals. Lori is hands down THE BEST coach in the business for anyone looking to take their business to the next level, gain more confidence and practical business knowledge, or just become a better presenter or speaker.”
“Lori has been absolutely monumental in my success as a coach. In the short time I've worked with her, I was invited to be part of the Forbes Coaches Council, interviewed by media giants like USA Today and Parade, invited to speak at five different online summits, and made more in one day than I made in almost seven years as a coach. I don't make a single business decision without consulting her. Her attention to detail, business acumen, and life experiences have allowed me to spend more time with my family, travel more, and start living a life by design, rather than by default. My only regret is not working with her sooner.
Kathy Haan, MBA
International Success & Business Mentor, Forbes Coaches Council, Founder & Editor-in-Chief 
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